J1X-YZ2-350 (1214) --14" Compound miter saw ( 380V AC induction motor with Break )

For Aluminum Cutting

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Induction Motor


The AC INDUCTION MOTOR first be used
in miter saw with Chinese patent
Powerful 380V AC induction motor with Electrical Break system
Special AC INDUCTION MOTOR, Work with low noise for environmental protection
No carbon brush and no gear for long life
Bevel cuts up to 45
° to the left
Miter cuts 0-50° left and 0-50
° right
Performs compound cutting operations
Positive stops at :22 5
° , 45° , right or left and 0°(90cuts)

Standard Equipment (Includes)
Socket wrench
Work Rest
Dust bag
Hex Key

AMPS (220V)  
5 A
Continuous Rating Input  
No load speed  
3000 RPM
Blade Diameter  
14" ( 355mm )

or 30mm

Net Weight  
40 Kgs
Bevel Stops  
0° and 45°
Miter Angle Range  
50°Left/ 50°Right
Positive Miter Detent Stops  
0°, 22.5°,45°
Max. cutting capacities at 90°
120x120 mm
at 45°
120x85 mm